To produce pupils and students who are academically grounded, humble and properly trained as potential leaders.

Seconday & Primary Schools

Secondary School Section

This section is divided into Junior secondary and Senior Secondary. Admission into Junior Secondary begins at the Age bracket of 9 - 12 (minimum) depending on the level of understanding or growth of your ward(s). After three years of study and successful completion of JSS 3 Exams(Junior WAEC), Admission could be granted into the Senior Secondary. For more enquiries contact us

Primary School Section

Admission into Primary School education begins at the Age of 5 or 6 depending on the level of growth of your ward(s), and it is mearnt to last for five/six years. Subjects taught here are basic and fundamental to the overall educational foundation of your child. They are issued a school leaving certificate upon successful graduation. For more enquiries contact us